Welcome to Vestas 360 feedback survey

What the 360 feedback survey can do for your development

We aim to do our best on an everyday basis and we have the right intentions. However, how well do we know what we are really good at and to what extent people around us perceive our actions the way they are intended?

Vestas 360 feedback survey provides you with input from people with whom you have or have had a close working relationship. The result of the survey enables you to see how people close to you actually view you in the capacity of your role.

Feedback on your behaviour observed from several angles combined with your own perspective provides you with a unique opportunity to develop a more thorough self insight. Increased understanding of how people perceive your actions is the key to accelerate your personal development.


The respondents you select for this survey have been promised confidentiality though the input from your direct manager will appear directly in the report. Accordingly, it is important that you do not engage in individual discussions with the respondents about their rating of you. Some of the respondents may be willing to share their ratings, but this may enable you to identify how others rated you and thereby you will have broken the promised confidentiality. You will be the only recipient of the generated report and then it is your choice whether or not you will share it.